Bringing More Into the Fold
Frankly, it's scary to head toward a place where I never planned to go.
Pint-Size Powder Rooms
When responding to nature's call means trekking up or down a flight of stairs to reach a bathroom, many homeowners start looking around for a more convenient place to put the toilet and sink.
A Crusade For Competition
The Department of Justice has two blunt warnings for the American home real estate establishment:
High on Their Lofty Spaces on the Hill
Jamie Brown and Kyle Hamblin say they won't be buying another 17-foot Christmas tree this year.
Housing Starts Fade After Busy February
U.S. builders broke ground on tens of thousands fewer homes than expected in March, the biggest one-month drop in residential construction activity in 14 years, according to government figures released yesterday.
In Real Estate Fever, More Signs of Sickness
Matt Marshman watched it happen in one Germantown neighborhood in February. Each house that went up for sale cost about $15,000 more than the last. And the houses were all very much alike.
Md. Seeks To Speed Up Enforcement
Maryland real estate regulators and the state association of Realtors are optimistic that Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) will sign a bill passed by the General Assembly that changes how licensing and regulation staffing is funded. The bill aims to address a backlog of paperwork and complaints that have piled up as the real estate market boomed and state funds dwindled.
Is Green Building Budding?
Friday marks 35 years since the first Earth Day. Have America's homes turned "green" yet?
Curbside Recycling Proves An Easy Way to Go Green
While environmental problems such as polluted oceans and shrinking rain forests may seem impossible to tackle on an individual level, recycling has proven to be a way for homeowners to make the planet a slightly cleaner, healthier place.
Study Shows Loan Brokers' Better Side
For years, mortgage brokers, who originate more than half of home loans, have been targets of criticism from federal agencies and consumer advocates.
Community Spirit Is Hallcrest's Hallmark
In the mid-1990s, Hallcrest Heights in McLean appeared to be heading downhill.
Governments Relying on Area Property Owners
The boom in local real estate prices has been accompanied by increasing tax bills as governments have spurned tax cuts in favor of reaping billions more from homeowners.
Dream House Awakenings
Ken Jarboe thought the big old black walnut tree hovering over the sweet, if barren, back yard of his newly purchased Capitol Hill home was just splendid. It would beautifully complement the Japanese garden he envisioned, complete with a few cherry trees, a dogwood and a meandering white stone path, "for a river effect," he said.
Indoor Air Quality Is a Top Health Risk
Come spring, Washington is both a nature lover's showcase and a pollen-choked crucible that sends allergy suffers scrambling for cover.
Racial Data for Mortgages Will Be Hard to Interpret
Are black and Latino home mortgage applicants charged higher fees or interest rates than white applicants? Are they turned down for market-rate mortgages more frequently and steered to higher-cost loans instead?
Tradition Remains Solid In Bethesda Neighborhood
For 69 years, the two-story stone and timbered stucco cottage looked down from a knoll onto the Bethesda neighborhood of Woodhaven.
Subdivide and Conquer
When word circulated last fall that a builder planned to demolish a century-old house in North Arlington and build two big houses in its place, more than three dozen families in the Westover neighborhood rallied to try to save it.
Saying No Mow
When Janice and Alex Dreier lived in Alexandria, they devoted a significant chunk of their weekend to yard work. Not so since moving to a house in Bethesda in fall 2003, when they hired professionals to care for their lawn.
Catch a Wave
Architect, author, painter and bon vivant Arthur Cotton Moore and his wife, Patricia, who manages his business ventures and social life, stunned Washington society when they decamped six years ago from Georgetown to an undulating stainless steel mansion he designed and built in Talbot County on Maryland's Eastern Shore.
Regulators Probe Upfront Estimates, Upcharges And Low-Balling
Federal investigators are looking at real estate closings nationwide and turning up practices that might disturb home buyers.